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The Portalist
How Much Revolutionary Technology Is Too Much?
Dead Lines
In Greg Bear’s technothriller Dead Lines, a man’s life is forever changed when he starts seeing the ghost of his murdered daughter.
Peter Russell hasn’t been the same since his daughter was kidnapped and murdered. His career has been stagnant since her death, but things begin looking up when a start-up company asks him to create a promotional video for their new technology, Trans. Trans is a mobile communication device that claims to offer crystal-clear service, revolutionizing the modern cell phone.
But once Peter begins using the device, things take a turn for the worse. He starts seeing his murdered daughter and hearing strange voices all around him. And as the death toll of Trans users exponentially increases, Peter must work to stop it before the floodgates to Hell open.
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Do you dare answer the call?
Dead Lines
by Greg Bear
Hugo and Nebula Award–winning author Greg Bear combines the speculative with the supernatural in this technothriller. Throughout his book he begs the very real—and horrifying—question: Could the technology we rely on be doing more harm than good? Science fiction and thriller fans alike will enjoy this startling tale.
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Dead Lines
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